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USD Skates have been producing high quality aggressive skates since day one when they where better known as “UpSide Down”. USD have pioneered and produced countless new innovations in the skating industry from the introduction of the carbon fibre skates. USD have one of the most diverse skate ranges on the aggressive skating market to accommodate budgets big and small. USD produce Junior Skates for first time skaters, Beginner Skates for the newcomer to the sport, intermediate skates for the more advanced rider and professional skates for the elite riders. More...

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When you buy USD skates you can be guaranteed you have bought a great piece of engineering. With a global USD pro team to test every single product they release you know that your skate will hold up to the hardest of sessions at the skatepark!

USD Skates - Replaceable Parts

All of the parts on USD skates are fully replaceable and widely available so you can be guaranteed to get the most out of whichever skate you may choose. Cuffs, Soul Plates, Frames, Buckles and Wheels are all replaceable so you don't need to worry about wearing down your parts in a heavy grinding session.
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