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Rampworx local Ben Lewis is a Pro rider for Fit Bike CoFit bikes in our Skatepark, including his very own Pro model which comes complete with his own spin on the Liverpool badge! FIT have without a doubt one of the sickest teams in the industry including legends like Van Homan and Brian Foster.


At Rampworx we have a great BMX following from the kids to the biggest names in the sport such as Rampworx Locals; Harry Main, Ben Lewis and Paul Ryan. These guys have been riding our Park since they were kids and are often at the park during the week having a ride and speaking to all the kids whilst helping them learn new tricks. They are brilliant role models for this amazing sport.

Street BMX bikes are designed to be ridden over hard paved surfaces and obstacles like stairs, and have heavier, more robust Frame, brakes at rear and front, and wider, shallower tread Tyres. Jump/dirt BMX bikes have frames that are strong but fairly light, one brake and deep tread tyres. Whether for riding on race tracks, urban streets or muddy dirt and jump trails, all Tyres of BMX bike are designed to be robust and quick-handling.

At Rampworx we price match anywhere within the UK and pride ourselves on our great customer services. We offer a wide range of Complete BMX bikes and parts, everything you could need to build your own from scratch giving you that unique complete build. And have the ability to buy pretty much any complete or part you would like so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about BMX or any other general enquires about products we have a great, friendly and knowledgeable team ready to give you the information you need.

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