The extremely popular sport called Skateboarding has been around for generations. The 'skateboard' has evolved since then but not as much as one might initially think which means for all those 'older' guys out there who think 'its past my time' or 'its moved on a lot since I was a boy' it hasn't so dust off your old board and hit your local park or street NOW!!


Skateboarding has a very close community of participators so basically everyone knows everyone and makes new people coming to the sport feel very welcome and a part of the family.

There are endless amounts of styles and sets ups that you should try out before deciding what exact style of deck, Truck and Skateboard Wheels you prefer. For example; decks come in different widths obviously the wider it is the easier it is the land on however the harder it is to flip and the more narrow it is easier for street skating were flip tricks are key to street style. Likewise with Trucks they all come in different widths and heights every size either makes it easier to grind or pick up speed depending on which type of boarding you are doing. Wheels are an easy one to choose as the smaller the wheel is the slower you will go and the bigger the fast you will go. However there is another thing to think about which is Wheel hardness. Basically the harder a wheel is the less grip you will have and alternatively the softer the wheel is the more grip you will have.

Rampworx offers a whole host of the skateboard parts and complete boards for you to choose from not to mention the biggest indoor park in the country for you to hone you're skills. Enjoy becoming part of the family and get you're Skateboard NOW!!

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